How to make money with Blogging

make money with blogging
Written by Nirmal Dwivedi

Making money is the toughest job we feel about but let me tell you the reality. It is one of the simplest things to make money on the internet. All you need to have is an idea and to put efforts to make that Idea real. Blogging is one of the best options you have to make money on the internet. Blogging simply means writing blogs. it could be anywhere on free blogging websites or to create your own website where you can write blogs.

How to start blogging?

To start blogging there are plenty of options available to you. Firstly if you are new to this field and just want to test yourself, you can create a free blog on Google Blogspot. It is a website by Google where you can create your website for free and start writing content there. All you need is a Google Gmail account and there you can create your own website with the free themes available in Blogspot. You got all the customization options in the blogger and if you get a decent amount of traffic you can even monetize it with Google AdSense. Blogger is for those who are new to this field and just want to test themselves as a writer. If you’re passionate about blogging we suggest you take a step ahead and start with the Blogspot.

make money with blogging

Blogger vs Website

Blogger is for beginners those who don’t want to spend any single penny for the passion. But if you are passionate enough about blogging and have enough money then you can create your own website. Remember, to create your own website you have to spend money on a lot of things. You can even start a professional website in the Blogspot by paying money but we recommend you not to spend money on Blogspot but to start your own website. All you need to do is buy a domain name for your website, get a hosting plan and set up a website.

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How to start a website?

1. Buy domain name

make money on internet

First Things First to start a website you need the name for your website and it is called as the domain name. It must be unique and represent the idea of your website, for example, 12to12tech.com. You can buy a domain name from Godaddy big rock Namecheap etc. Keep in mind that your domain name shall not be the copy of some other brand because in future you are about to build a brand with your domain. You can get domains with extensions like. Com .in, .net, .co.in etc. We recommend you to buy. Com domain because it is the most searched one.

2. Get a Hosting Plan

Now you have your domain name but to show some content on your domain you need a server where you can put in data. It is a tough job to create your own server and keep it working 24 by 7. So the best way is to buy a hosting plan from a lot of hosting providers. You can buy it from Godaddy big rock HostGator etc. You can even buy a  hosting plan from ourselves we also provide with the hosting. The idea behind hosting is service providers create a server and start sharing a part of their server with people for an amount as rent. So basically you are renting a part of Server in exchange for some money.

make money on internet

3. Setup a Website

Now you have your domain and hosting that is the server but to make your website live you need to connect your hosting with your domain. Well, you can do this very easily by changing the nameservers of your domain which you will get with your hosting. Simple isn’t it, now your website is live and active and you have to design the way you want your website to look in public. The best option available here is to install WordPress which is free and open source available with every hosting providers. Just make a few clicks install your WordPress, install a theme, install a few plugins and your website is ready. Remember, it’s not even that simple you have to put in your efforts in making your website look great but you will learn it eventually.

make money with blogging

4. Start Working on your Site

Now the website is active and live, so you have to start working on your site. Blogging is all about writing content so you have to start writing content on your website. Be regular and provide unique content in the website with proper SEO and you will get traffic eventually. Initially, you have to share your post with friends and family on Facebook WhatsApp and other social media platforms. But once you start writing and start learning you will be able to rank your articles on search engines and that will give you organic traffic.

5. Monetize your Website

make money with blogging

Once you have enough content in your website and enough traffic you can apply for monetization into Google AdSense. Remember not to be in a hurry work a few months on your website provide a plenty of articles. Have a good amount of traffic on your website on a daily basis then only apply for AdSense. If your website fulfills the required criteria Google will approve AdSense for the website and you can show ads on your website and start making money.

Remember, we said earning money is one of the simplest jobs but it’s not that simple too, you have to learn a lot of things. You have to write content regularly, optimize your content for search engines and do the marketing of your post. Google AdSense is not the only source of earning in your website there are a lot of ways to make money from your website. You can start selling advertisement space to other brands which will pay you a handsome money. You can even put affiliate links to your website which will give you a commission when people shop through your links.

Be passionate and put in daily efforts one day you will definitely start earning use money through blogging and do let us know what amount of money you make with your current job.

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