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How to Create a Website in WordPress

step by step guide for blogging
Written by Nirmal Dwivedi

Blogging is something that can fetch you more money than you expect but how? Firstly you have to create your website and how to create a website on WordPress? Step by step guide is here to make you rich. You can create your website on any platform you want but we are discussing how to create a website on WordPress, an open source platform. To be a blogger you can create a website on Blogger, or with the help of programming languages, you can write codes for your website. But that’s a complex part and we are talking about simplicity. Simplicity is in WordPress, where you can create the website with our simple step by step guide on how to create a website.

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Lets Start with the process, first have a thought and write it down why are you creating a website. What are you going to upload thee on your website on regular basis? This is called Niche Selection

Step 1 – Niche Selection

niche selection

Firstly you have to decide your niche before creating any website. Niche is the category in which you will write blogs. It must be specific and predetermined. Decide a niche which has low competition and you have the knowledge about your niche. There are niches where the industry has stiff competition, so you have to do your research and find a niche where competition is low. It is better to choose a sub-niche where competition is almost negligible. E.g. tech is the major niche where lacs of people do blogging but you can choose a sub-niche like how to, tips and tricks etc. These niches come under Tech but competition is very low as compared to mainstream tech. So choose a niche best suits to you and has grown in the long term.

Points to consider while Niche Selection :
  • Do proper Research
  • Find existing competition in the niche
  • The niche must be of your passion
  • It shall have the growth in long-term

Step 2- Buy a domain name

After selection of your niche now you need a name of your website. Domain name is the brand name of your website that will be publicly visible. This is the name by which people search for your website. Choose a domain name that represents the whole concept of your niche. You know what you are going to put on your website so you shall have a name that best describes the content of your website. For example, if you are going to write about pets care on your website, you cannot name it websolution.com. So if anyone once visits your site, he/she shall not forget the name of your site.

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Points to Consider:-
  • Something that represents the concept
  • Not controversial
  • No numeric in this e domain name
  • Prefer a .com domain

Step 3 – Get a Hosting

make money on internet

Till now you have the niche where you want to go in the long run. You have a domain name too. Now you need to put content on your site but how?  You have to create a server where you can upload content so that visitors can see what you have written. There is a concept called web hosting meaning you can buy a part of the server created by people in return for some fees. This could be on a monthly or yearly basis depending upon the plan you choose. Hosting providers like Hostgator, NameCheap etc. provide hosting services for as low as Rs 59/month for shared hosting. Depending upon your budget buy a hosting from any brand wherever you can find suitable.

Points to Consider:-
  • See different websites providing hosting services
  • See the bandwidth and storage space you will get
  • Make a comparison
  • See Reviews of different hosting provider

Step 4 – Connect you Domain with hosting

Chances are that you will buy a domain and hosting from the same place. In that case, you can skip this step but if you buy the domain and hosting from different vendors. You have to establish a connection between them so that if anyone logs on to your website, they can go to the server you connect. For this, you have to change the Nameservers. We are not discussing what is Nameservers but you will get Nameservers along with your hosting. You have to go the DNS Settings of your Domain and update the Nameservers with one that you get with your hosting. This will establish a connection between your domain and hosting making your website live in public.

Step 5 – Install WordPress


Now you have connected your website with a hosting plan and your site is active. To make it the way you want, you can upload the codes that you have. But we are discussing how to create a website on WordPress? So all you need to do is instal WordPress. For this, you can log in to the Cpanel. Cpanel is the Control Panel of your website that you will get with your shared hosting. In Cpanel under software, you will get the option to instal WordPress. Go ahead and instal it. If you don’t get the option to instal WordPress directly, you have to Download a WordPress zip file from WordPress.org. You can upload this Zip file to the File Manager and that will do the job. In most of the caes, you will get the option to instal WordPress in the first place.

Step 6 – Customize your Website

Now you have your website ready with WordPress instaled but how it is going to look you have to customize it. You get plenty of free themes available in WordPress directory. You can choose from the wide range of themes depending upon your niche and budget. You can also purchase themes from any third party websites like ThemeForest etc. Instal the theme that you want on your website and customize it as per the options available. If you are using the free version, you will not get many options to customize. We recommend you to get a premium theme and instal it. Instal the plugins to make your website working. For every task, you have plugins available. One most important plugin we recommend to bloggers is Yoast SEO. Finally, you have your website ready.

Step 7 – Start Writing

content writing

Your website is live and active now with the good design looking fabulous. But it is of no use if you don’t put any content on your site. You have to start publishing posts on your niche on regular basis. If you are posting daily, you have to post on the daily basis. You can write on weekly basis as well but be regular on whatever interval you post. You have to take care of SEO so that your posts appear on search results and visitors come to your site. For this, you can follow the Yoast SEO.

Now your website is Ready and that’s it. Congratulations! You created a website on your own. But creating doesn’t pay you unless you are a web developer. So you need to know the way you can earn money on your website

Step 8 – Monetization

monetize wordpress website

This is the most important aspect as you have done all so much efforts for the money, right? So you should know the ways you can make money with. Firstly focus on content for a few months and try to gain more traffic. Then try these ways to earn money.

  1. Adsense advertisement

The main source of earning is AdSense by Google. You can put ad codes on your site which will appear to the public and fetch you money. This is the most common way and the most popular way to make money.

make money with blogging

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  1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is also the source many people know about. You can join affiliate program of any e-commerce website and put a link to their products on your site. This will give you a referral commission whener people make purchase using your link.

  1. Selling Ad space

Well, you can sell a particular space on your website for ads. Just like newspapers sell ad space, bloggers also sell spaces for ads purpose. Its a big deal and ads are displayed on the long-term giving more money.

This one is not commonly known but commonly practised. Bloggers with higher authority practice this regularly and it is good. You just have to give a link to some other website and they will pay you for thst.

This was step by step guide to being a professional blogger and all you need is the willingness. Everything else just happens to be as you go with the flow of Blogging.


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