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Make high Quality Backlinks for free with these sites

Written by Nirmal Dwivedi

We talk about blogging a lot but there are things you don’t know about blogging.  Blogging is easy but you have to make high-quality backlinks in order to rank your blog. How to create backlinks free that too high quality? How to get backlinks? You have to work on SEO part but if you make high-quality backlinks, this does most of the job. You have a lot of backlinks, your chances to rank in Google Search are higher. But how to get these backlinks. There are a lot of websites giving high-quality backlinks, but how to find them. We created a list of 20 websites giving high-quality backlinks.

Following are websites that give high-quality backlinks with Do-Follow links :

  1. ISSUU
  9. LAST FM
  11. FANCY
  12. ITS MY URL
  14. TED
  15. HIIVE
  17. DISQUS
  19. 8TRACKS

What is Backlink?

sites giving high quality backlinks

A backlink is like the referral system. When a website is giving backlink to you, means it refers to you. This is a trap that handles most of the Internet. If you want to rank your website you have to give most of your time in link building. If a high Authority website gives you a backlink, you come into the trusted circle of that website. This is how backlinking works and you need to create backlinks free. One website refers to another and that other site refers to another. This way the whole Internet becomes a trusted circle. But, websites having more number of high-quality backlinks rank higher in search results. Before you create backlinks free you need to know types of backlinks.

Types of Backlinks

  • Link Juice – When a website refers to your website but that link goes to any post of your site, This is a link Juice. This helps to improve the Domain Authority of your website. A website with better Authority ranks higher.
  • No-Follow Link – No follow link is one where someone is referring to your website but using a no-follow tag. This does not help you in the ranking of your website. The no-follow link is given to non-reliable sites.
  • Do-Follow Link – All the links added to a website are Do-follow link unless they make it a no-follow link.
  • Anchor Text – Anchor text is used for hyperlinking for a particular keyword. This helps in ranking for a keyword.
  • Internal Linking – This is just linking one post of your website to other. This is on the same website that is why it is called Internal Linking.
  • Low-Quality Backlinks – There is the business of backlink building on the Internet. People sell you backlinks to your website in return for some amount. But generally, these are low-quality backlinks. What they do is create links in harvested sites, spam sites, and even porn websites. This does the Negative SEO of your Website. You should be careful while buying backlinks.
  • Root Domain Links – This is counting the number of unique backlinks to your website. This means how many domains are linking to your website. If a website links you 100 times it will be counted as one root domain link.

These are types of backlinks and how to get backlinks is an art ;

  • Guest Posting – You can start doing guest posting in order to create backlinks free to get free website backlinks. Start searching for websites that allow guest posting and create backlinks free.
  • Ask for free website Backlink – There are a lot of websites that give free website backlinks you just have to ask them. Start asking people for free backlinks chances are that you can get free website backlinks.
  • Comments – Most of the free backlinks are in the comments section of websites.
  • Use Broken Link Building – If you wonder how to get backlinks? Broken link building will work for you.
  • Write Piller Articles – In order to create backlinks free just start writing supporting articles in your own website or free website backlinks.

Now you have the answer to the question How to get backlinks? This will give you free website backlinks with several methods. Or you can simply buy backlinks.

This was the list of sites giving high-quality backlinks. Let us know your methods of link building…..

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