Canon G Series : A low-TCO ‘MegaTank’ printer for SMEs and home offices

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There have been few significant developments in office printing technology in recent years but, as we reported recently, the traditional business model for office printing has begun to change, reflecting an increased focus on running costs and environmental sustainability.

Main Headlines

  • Canon Launched G Series Printer For Homes And Offices
  • Comes with future proof Google Assistant & Alexa
  • Very Aggressive Pricing With Pros And Cons

First of all, without any delay, Let’s talk about why you should use these printers.

Pros Of Canon G Series Printers

  • Black (6000 Pages)
  • Colour Printing (7700 Pages )
  • Text (8300 Pages )
  • Paper Capacity (300 Pages)
  • Supports Ethernet Connectivity Duplex Printing
  • Supports Alexa & Google Home

These amount of pages can be printed with a single ink tank

Now, let’s talk about the Cons

Cons Of Canon G Series Printers

  • Modest performance for colour/photo printing
  • High initial purchase price

Well, that’s it. The printer is quite useful but you surely need to spend a little more to buy these printers. Well, I think if you own a office then this might be the way to go for you!

Epson started the trend a few years ago, with its range of EcoTank printers. These printers no longer used expensive ink cartridges, replacing them with large internal ink tanks instead. This new design means that the initial purchase price of the EcoTank printers is higher than that of conventional inkjet printers.

However, the internal ink tanks can easily be refilled using low-cost, recyclable bottles of ink, which drastically reduces running costs and total cost of ownership (TCO) throughout the lifetime of the printer. And now Canon has joined the ‘low-TCO’ crowd with its own range of MegaTank printers.

Features And Design

The need to house the large internal ink tanks means that the G5050 is somewhat bulkier than a conventional inkjet printer. It measures a full 403mm wide and 369mm deep, although without the top-mounted scanner of the multi-function G6050 it only stands 166mm high.

It’s not the sort of printer that can just sit on a shelf, and weighing in at 6.5kg, you’ll need a fairly robust desk to stand it on.

The initial setup process is also a little more complicated than simply inserting a set of cartridges into a traditional inkjet printer, as you have to pour the four bottles of ink by hand into their individual tanks located on the right and left sides of the printer.

Thankfully, Canon has designed the bottles with a small nozzle that fits into an input valve on each tank, reducing the risk of spillage. Still, you might still feel safer with an old newspaper placed on the desk, just in case.

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Wi-Fi Connectivity

wi-fi connectivity, as well as Ethernet for a wired office network. The main, front-loading paper tray holds 300-sheets of A4 paper, while the rear tray holds a further 100 sheets of A4 or other types of paper such as glossy photo paper or envelopes, so you can choose different media while still sitting at your desk. The printer supports automatic two-sided (duplex) printing, with AirPrint for Apple’s iOS devices, Google Cloud print, and Canon’s PRINT app for Android.

The one obvious omission is a scanner/copier although, as mentioned, the more expensive G6050 model adds a 1200-by-2400dpi scanner for users who prefer a multi-function printer for their office.

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Usefulness And Costs

An initial purchase price of £230 (inc. VAT) is relatively high for an inkjet printer but, of course, Canon claims that the refillable design of the MegaTank range offers much lower running costs.

Like Epson, Canon includes a set of bottled inks with its refillable printers, with the G5050 including three bottles of black that should deliver 18,000 pages for mono printing. There’s also a single set of coloured inks — one bottle each for cyan, magenta and yellow — for an estimated 7,700 pages of colour documents. That works out at less than 1p per page while using that initial set of inks, which is very cost-effective even for plain mono printing. It could easily cost hundreds of pounds to print that many pages when using conventional ink cartridges, so the G5050 will certainly earn its keep if you need a printer for regular, everyday use.

Is The Price Worth It?

With this launch, Canon India aims to secure a 25% market share in the Ink Tank category

The printers are equipped with duplex printing and AI support for compatibility with smart speakers
The new PIXMA G6070, PIXMA G5070 and PIXMA GM2070 are competitively priced at INR 21,499/-, INR 17,399/- and INR 14,299/- respectively

With this, We can surely say that these printers are worth every penny!


Pictures Printed By Canon Printers

The relatively high initial purchase price of the G Series Printers might deter some users, but the bottled inks included in the price still provide very good value for money. The provided inks could last for several years in many small offices before you need to buy your first set of replacements. The G Series Printers also provides very good quality for text, graphics and photo output, although the relatively modest speed of colour printing means it won’t be ideal for busy offices requiring a lot of colour printing. But, if you work in a small office or retail location that needs a workhorse printer for primarily text-based documents, the G Series Printers will quickly earn its keep.



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